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How Your Lifestyle Now Affects Your Future Ability To SurviveDisasters come in different forms. Being prepared means keeping a cool head and knowing what steps to take when the unexpected should occur.

Preparing With Dave is dedicated to helping you be prepared for disasters, whether they are natural or man-made in occurrence. From being lost in the woods to being in the aftermath of a major storm, Preparing With Dave will help you survive in all types of emergency situations.

Developing Skill Sets

Being prepared for an emergency is more than having a checklist of what to do. It is also a mindset that will allow you to not only get through the initial shock but to adapt and survive by emphasizing the four following areas:

  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Spiritual
  • Skills

Developing your skillset means that you need to be mentally and physically fit to overcome the challenges that you and your family may face. By building up your set of skills, confidence, and becoming more mentally and physically prepared, this website can provide everything needed to ensure that when the worst happens, you will be ready.

What to Do

Knowing what to do helps provide the confidence needed to survive. Survival is about adapting to new situations and making the best of it. Preparing With Dave will help you develop the following techniques.

  • Growing Food
  • Finding Shelter
  • Forage for Food
  • Bushcraft
  • Martial Arts & Defense Training
  • How to Navigate and More

Being able to defend yourself means having the skills to protect what you have from those who may be inclined to take it from you. When disaster strikes, you must be prepared for challenges that may come from those who view your food, water, and shelter as desirable enough to take by force.

In addition, you’ll understand more than just the basics of survival. You will know how to evaluate the situation, the changing needs of you and your group, and how strong you can be when surviving in the worst conditions.

Being Positive

Most importantly, Preparing With Dave is a site dedicated to providing you with the confidence, knowledge, and positive attitude needed to meet the challenges when disaster strikes. You will learn to turn negatives into positives and see that all challenges are not just obstacles to overcome, but potential opportunities for you to increase your survival chances.

By being mentally, physically, and spiritually prepared combined with the basic skills of survival, you can overcome disasters both short and long term with the information provided by Preparing With Dave.

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