How Your Lifestyle Now Affects Your Future Ability To SurvivePreparing With Dave is about helping others prepare for any disaster, whether it is a natural or unnatural occurrence.

Preparing with Dave is about helping others prepare for, as well as face, all circumstance in life, even under normal everyday conditions.

Preparing With Dave takes a four-fold approach to preparing in everyday life for longevity and happiness, as well as to survive and flourish in any disaster, emergency, or personal hardship.

Preparing With Dave offers an approach that covers preparing Mentally, Physically, Spiritually, and in a Set of Skills that cover many areas and aspects.

This Skill Set covers healthy eating, growing food, foraging for food, trapping, physical training, bush-craft, martial arts defense and tactics training, sheltering, navigation, and many other skills that are needed when conveniences and emergency services are not available for whatever reason.

Our wish is to help others in building the skills, confidence, and the physical capacity to use their gear, supplies, and available resources, while also being able to defend those supplies, themselves, and their loved ones against anyone or anything.

The belief here is that if you are not training physically and in self-defense skills, you may be storing food, water, and gear for the physically stronger and more capable person to take from you.

Learn here about growing food, building shelters, physical training, mental and spiritual strengthening, teamwork, and leadership.

The weakest person in your group is the level of strength of your group.

There may not be an “I’ or “us” in the word team, but there is an am.

That is part of the positive affirmation phrase, “I am going to do it!”.

If you have a handicap, let’s build everything else around it into a strong force of survival.

Now let’s get doing what has to be done to prepare ourselves for whatever is down the road of life.

That road can turn either way, good or bad.

Your level of preparedness mentally, physically, spiritually, and in skills, will be the deciding factor in how well you navigate over the rough roads ahead.