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The Basics of Woodworking for Survival

When it comes to preparing for the worst, there are a number of steps that you take.Learning the basics of woodworking for survival is an important skill to learn and have in your back pocket.

You’ve probably created some type of bunker or safe room for your family.

You may even have started gathering the supplies you’ll need like food and water.

But do you have everything you’re going to need?

Buying all of the things it takes to outfit your safe room is expensive if you can even find the right items at all.

That’s where many people start looking at building their own.

Why You Need Woodworking Skills

basics of woodworking for survival

When it comes to your very survival, the more skills you have, the better off you’re going to be.

If you know how to hunt and forage for food, you’re going to have no problem feeding your family even if there aren’t grocery stores available.

If you know how to build, you’re going to have no problem setting up a home that your family can live in, even if there’s no one around to make furniture or build a house for you.

Learning the skills gives you a stronger foundation.

Now, knowing how to build things can start very small.

You can learn how to build a sandbox for your children or a simple table or desk for your home.

But each little thing that you build is going to help you develop your skills even more.

As you develop those skills, you’ll learn the techniques and what it takes to make bigger and more elaborate things.

Before you know it, you’re going to have the ability to build anything and everything that you want or need.

That will serve you well in outfitting your bunker and even after you’re able to come up for air.

How to Build Those Skills

Ted's Woodworking Plans


Some people aren’t really sure how to even get started with woodworking for survival.

Maybe as a child, you stacked wooden blocks together, or you went to a class where you built a toolbox or a birdhouse, but that’s the last time you created anything with your own two hands.

Well, you can learn a great deal about building, and you can do it without all the stress.

It just takes time and commitment.

Ted’s Woodworking Plans are one way that you can get started because these plans will give you some of the most basic items that you can build and work you into being a master carpenter.

What You’ll Need for Woodworking

basics of woodworking for survival

Getting started, once you have a few plans to work with, is about preparing the tools and skills that it takes.

Gain Proper Skills

What you might not know is that preparing your skills means more than just learning the actual woodworking techniques.

It means gaining skills in other important things such as improving your overall grip strength and gaining more dexterity as these will be invaluable skills to have in woodworking.

These are skills that you can learn without needing special tools or equipment.

You can do it with the regular items you find around the house.

Learn to Use Non-Electrical Tools

When it comes to building from a survivalist standpoint, you can learn to use tools, and you can use them to help you create the things your bunker is going to need.

You’ll also need to learn how to create things without the use of your high-powered tools.

Sure, that saw and sander are great while you still have power.

But what are you going to do when there is no power?

You need to learn how to use hand tools to achieve the same outcome, and that takes more skill and dedication.

Get a Woodworking Knife

A woodworking knife is going to be one of the first tools you should learn how to use.

A knife will help you with many tasks, and that includes several different woodworking tasks as well.

There are plenty of different styles out there and various sizes and shapes so that they fit your hand and your needs.

After all, you wouldn’t use a hunting knife to carve a piece of wood.

Get Other Manual Tools

Manual tools are going to be crucial for your survival.

When you’re building something large, you’re going to need a saw that can help you break down more substantial pieces.

It needs to be a manual saw because you’re operating under the idea that you have no power available.

The same goes for any of your other tools.

You need to look for manual options, including sanding paper, screwdrivers, and wrenches.

In the event of a true emergency, you won’t have electricity to help you.

Familiarize Yourself with Different Types of Wood

You’re also going to need familiarity with things like different types of wood.

Sure, right now, you can head to the hardware store or the lumber store and pick up whatever you want, but what if you need to cut your own trees?

In that case, you’ll need to know what type of wood is best for different purposes.

You’ll need to know what’s durable or soft or has the most grain or least grain.

Learn How to Make Joints

Finally, knowing how to make joints is going to give you a whole lot more capability.

You’ll know how to build things without just nailing the wood together.

Joints make things more sturdy and durable making them longer lasting.

If you’re building furniture with a solid joint, you’ll be able to keep it for a lot longer, maybe even forever.

It doesn’t matter what type of joint you learn how to make either, just that you can do it well.

Prepare Yourself for Anything

Ted's Woodworking Plans


When it comes down to it, you want to make sure you’re prepared for anything when it comes to your own survival.

Learning how to build is one of the most essential parts of that.

If you’re ready to learn how to use the tools around you to build anything at all, make sure, you check out Ted’s Woodworking Plans.

It’s a set of plans that starts you out easy and builds you up to more advanced craftsmanship.

In all, you’ll get 16,000 plans for anything your bunker might need and some things that will help you along your path of learning woodworking.

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