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5 Best Bow Stabilizers

Bow stabilizers have become indispensable to archers and bow hunters as it improves their archery and bow hunting skills. Initially, only the bow was used which produced a huge amount of vibration with instability. But with the help of an attached stabilizer in a bow, you can shoot with more accuracy. The vibration dampening materials inside the rod also reduce the bow vibration which is a plus point for hunters.

There are different types of bow stabilizers that differ in size and quality. It is always wise to choose the best one. If you are confused about deciding which one to get, we have listed some of the best bow stabilizers along with some factors to consider while purchasing them and some frequently asked questions.

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Best bow stabilizers Reviewed

Below are 5 of the best bow stabilizers available in the market

1. Bee stinger hunter Xtreme – Best overall bow stabilizer

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It is specially constructed for bowhunters who are interested in medium length and weight. The length is manageable and is available in 6, 8, and 10 inches, a great pick for hunters who don’t want trouble carrying a 12-inch stabilizer for hunting. It includes three 1 ounce weights that can be attached to the stabilizer for balancing the bow whenever needed, making it easy to achieve perfect shots.

The addition of an internal SIMS internal Harmonic Dampening material together with an external SIMS de- resonator helps with minimization of vibration rising from the bow after you release an arrow and stabilizes it. Good for focusing on target shooting and aim practice as well as for 3-D archery.


  • 3 customizable weights
  • Presence of High-quality materials- SIMS harmonic dampening and de resonator
  • Available in 3 different calibers


  • Not ideal for smaller bows
  • Quite expensive


2. LimbSaver SuperQuad dampener – The Runner up

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LimbSaver creates highly effective products to reduce vibration and noise for archery. The SuperQuad dampener is designed to control noise and vibration from the bow suitable for 95% of all standard and wide split limb bows. LimbSaver’s proprietary NAVCOM dampening material is used for an effective result in absorbing the sound. It can be put in two directions for either wide or narrow spaced limbs.

The SuperQuad is easy to fix and is set up to use in a hostile environment with great durability. Easy to use and great for dampening noise and vibration in split-limb compound bows. The SuperQuad decreases up to 70% of limb vibration for a swift shot. It weighs 1.3 ounces and measures 1.47×1.89×1.41 inches. It comes with two SuperQuad dampeners in two colors. One of the best sellers in terms of archery stabilizers and it’s Made in the USA.


  • Comes in two colors- black and camouflage
  • Controls 70% vibration and noise
  • Easy to install and remove


  • Just for split limb
  • Not for people on a budget


3. Trophy Ridge Hitman – Best budget bow stabilizer

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Made with a mixture of plastic, carbon fiber, and aluminum, the Trophy Ridge Hitman is one of a unique kind of bow stabilizer that helps with bow balancing. It has several adjustable weights, a mounting bar, wrist strap, and colored rings for customization of bow and stabilizer.

It is available in 6,8,10 and 12 inches, comfortable to use with the size of your choice. Perfect to use in a windy environment and a benefit for the hunters, as the holes in the body will allow wind to travel through the stabilizer with little movement or force. Stabilizer installation and removal is easy, making it convenient for storing and traveling purpose. It is one of the lightest and budget-friendly stabilizers with a total weight of 6. 5 ounces, two removable 1-ounce weights is included. If needed, extra weights can be purchased.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Great value for money
  • Multiple options available for customization


  • Colored rings can be a distraction for some
  • Not for heavy bow users


4. LimbSaver Broadband Dampener

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This was created to use with the solid limb compound bows. It was built to lower the vibration up to 70% at wide frequency levels. Created from LimbSaver’s proprietary NAVCOM technology, it controls the noise and vibration incredibly.

It is made in such a way to work on a wideband frequency range of 20 Hz- 20,000 Hz, reducing distracting noise and vibration arising from your limbs, for a smooth and better hunting experience. It is easy to connect and is used in all kinds of weather. It comes with two solid limb broadband dampeners with nine interchangeable colored rings of your choice. The colored rings add beauty to the simply designed dampener.


  • Cheap with good features
  • Controls vibration effectively
  • Lightweight


  • Colored rings are unfavorable to some people
  • For solid limb compound bows only


5. LimbSaver TwistLox Dampener

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This Dampener is used in split limb bows made from LimbSaver’s proprietary NAVCOM material. It minimizes the vibration from the bows when firing, in addition, it also reduces unwanted noise making your hunt swift and effective. Also you will be undetectable when you use it. If you are a target shooter, this is a great pick for you as it’ll protect your hand from the vibration, balances your bow, and fixes your eye on the target for a smooth shot. Tools are not needed for installation – the process is super easy you simply slide it between the limbs, then twist and lock for a snug and secure fit. You can also place it according to your preference.

It comes with four dampeners, you can use two or more dampeners in a limb. It can be fixed in two directions for wide or narrow space limb gaps.


  • Installation is simple and easy
  • High-quality NAVCOM vibration dampening material
  • Reduces vibration noticeably


  • Simple design
  • No option for customization


Best bow stabilizer buying guide

Below are some guides to help know about the things which should be considered while buying the bow


The most vital part while purchasing a bow stabilizer is its size. If we talk about length, our shots are more accurate while using a longer stabilizer. However, it can be awkward to carry 12 inches of rod in a dense forest or over difficult terrain. So, preferably the longer 10-inch plus ones are mostly used in the open. The short ones are also available but they don’t perfect your shooting skills, these are often used by the newbies in sports. It is best to buy and use medium-length options.

Weight is another important part of the dimension which must be considered during purchase. The weight of the stabilizer must be adjustable with the bow for a better shooting experience. Everyone has a different weight preference, but you must keep in the mind the weight of each stabilizer before adding any extra. Also, the addition of weight will make your bow heavier which will make it difficult for you to aim at your target.

You’ll find many adjustable weight options in the market which will be comfortable and best for hunting, You don’t need to worry about carrying it with you. The only con is the price as most of them are quite expensive.


Resilience is another prominent factor when considering any hunting item, which is why it’s important to know about the materials used in the stabilizer before getting it. Most of the bowhunting stabilizers are used to dampen vibrations generated by the movement of the bow. Some of the producers use material that is resilient, have good vibration controller, and yet are lightweight. Look for products that have good durability which can stand harsher climate conditions and can be used in any kind of weather condition.

Aluminum and copper of the finest quality is a great option. Also, look for materials made by NAVCOM.


There is a difference between a solid and a hollow body style stabilizer and both are available in the market. You must know about these when purchasing.

The solid-body stabilizers are ideal for those who wish for minimum distraction. It’s simply a metal bar and has weights on end. It’s ideal for those who wish for less distraction and shoots in fine weather with no wind issues. Hollow body stabilizers have several holes in the body that let the air pass through it. Best suited for windy weather conditions. Also for people who want to fine tune their accuracy in shooting.

The solid body option will a good start for a first-timer in bowhunting before jumping into a more complicated hollow body one and the latter for a daily bowhunter who is focused on improving accuracy and often shoots in windy conditions.

Bow Stabilizers FAQs

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions by the people about these products. Hope that it’ll also provide answers to your queries

What does a bow stabilizer do?

A bow stabilizer is a rod of different sizes and weights. They use materials that help dampen the vibration produced on releasing an arrow and improves the accuracy of your shot. The minimization of vibration also protects your hand from getting hurt. When the right weight of stabilizer is attached to the bow, it balances the bow to help you focus on your target with less motion. Both beginner and professional archers, look for a good bow stabilizer as it makes the use of a bow easy and smooth. Even hunters who often go hunting in the forrest or shoot from a ground blind attach it in their bow because the vibration reduction features, improved accuracy, durability, steadiness, stealth are what they look for and a good rod provides all these features for a successful hunt.

For a more in-depth read, see this article I wrote a few months back.

How to choose the right bow stabilizers for a compound bow?

Stabilizers come in a variety of sizes. Experiment with different dimensions to choose the one that works best for you.

Consider distance, environment, and other such factors for proper length. Smaller ones are generally shorter than 10 inches, medium length is about 10-15 inch and longer ones are more than 16 inches.

Adding weight especially for bowhunters who trek through plains or hike through the forest might not be beneficial. But adding weights at the appropriate place delivers good results, especially, for light compound bows. It helps in balancing the bow, before the shot, ensuring a steady release.

The main purpose of the stabilizer is to balance weight, vibration, and torque. You need to align the shots. If you are in a bad posture, use the front stabilizer. However, if there no problem with the shape, check the bow’s balance. Choose the stabilizer based on your bow and your shooting preferences.

How to install a bow stabilizer?

Set the right weight

For a beginner, it’s good to begin with a 30-inch front bar with 6 ounces weight and 12 inch back bar with 15 ounces weight. Let your aim guide what should be done with the weight and stabilizers. Generally, put weight on the back bar or take it out from the front bar.

Find the best bow stabilizer that’s right for you

We’ve provided all the important details in this article regarding the bow stabilizer. The products on the list are among the finest and top-rated products. If you are interested in archery, bow hunting, or want to upgrade your shooting skills, don’t waste your time doubting the products. All the mentioned items are genuine reviews with pros and cons and a guide for you to place your hands on the right product.

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