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7 Best Night Vision Scopes under $1000

It is a fact that humans can’t see things at night as clearly as they do in the day time. No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to see things clearly. This is because of the fact that a human eye has two parts, which aid in the sight. One part helps us to differentiate the colors. But, it doesn’t work well in dim light. However, the other part works really well in dim light. But, it can’t differentiate the colors that well. Finding the best night vision scopes under $1000 helps make sure you see at all times of the day or night.

This is why we don’t see things clearly at night. But, when you are out shooting, it becomes very important to have a clear sight at the target. If you can’t see things clearly, there are better chances of you missing the target. This will affect your efficiency to shoot. Also, it could lead to an accident as you can shoot a person. This is a big problem; however, there is a way to deal with it. You can use a night vision scope, which will help you see things clearly at night.

You can easily get a night vision scope for your gun. Also, there are several options out there that you can choose from. But, this is where it gets tricky. Since there are a lot of options to choose from, it can become confusing to choose the right one. Also, they are of different price ranges. If you are also confused about which scope will work best for you, here is a list of the best night vision scopes for you. Let’s jump into it.

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Best Night Vision Scopes under $1000 Reviews

1. Night Owl Optics NightShot

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This night vision scope by Night Owl Optics has a lot of amazing features. To begin with, it has a 3x magnifications optical lens. You will be able to see far off things pretty clearly. It also has an adjustable elevation. The scope has a powerful range of 100 to 200 yards in the night time. It has an IR lens that helps you see things at night. You can also adjust it to high or low. Since it works on batteries, keeping it at low will lead to more effective battery usage. However, you will need to set it to high at times according to the situation.


  • Powerful Lens
  • 3x Magnification
  • Adjustable Elevation


  • At maximum zoom, images may get grainy

2. BESTSIGHT DIY Digital Night Vision Scope

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You will get a five-inch display with this night vision scope. It will let you see things more clearly. With this scope, you will get a clear sight of everything, even in full darkness. It works really well at night. If you are a person who likes to hunt, this scope can come in handy. You will never miss the target if you have this scope on your rifle. You will also get a warranty for eighteen months for this scope.


  • Works Great at Night
  • 18-month Warranty
  • 5-inch Display


  • Focus may be a little difficult to adjust

3. Firefield NVRS 3×42 Gen 1 Night Vision Riflescope

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There is a built-in IR illuminator in this night vision scope. You will be able to see everything clearly at night because of the IR illuminator. It will provide a high-quality image and resolution. Another great feature of this scope is that it has adjustable brightness levels. You can set it according to your comfort. This is not all; it also has a unique and elegant design. At this price range, it is one of the best options for you to choose from.


  • Low-Cost
  • Durable
  • IR Illuminator
  • High-Quality Image


  • Dots in the tube

4. ESSLNB Night Vision Monocular

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In complete darkness, things will no longer be hard to spot because it turns the IR lightning automatically when required. But, this doesn’t mean that it can’t work in the day time. You can enjoy 5x optical zoom and 8x digital zoom with it. Not only real-time surveillance, but you can also record videos with it. This is what makes it special and unique.


  • Low Price
  • 8x Digital Zoom
  • 5x Optical Zoom


  • Display too small

5. ATN X-Sight HD Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope

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What if you could record all your hunting trips? It would be great, wouldn’t it? Well, with this scope, you can record all your hunting adventures even at night time. Also, it records the videos in full HD resolution. You can also connect it to your smartphones and stream the videos using WiFi. Other than this, you can also use it to find the distance of the target from your position. It uses a smart range detector to calculate the distance. It is a bit costlier than other ones on this list, but if you have the budget, it is worth buying.


  • WiFi Connectivity
  • Smart Range Detector
  • HD Video Recording


  • High Price

6. Sightmark Photon RT Digital Night Vision Riflescope

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With this scope on your rifle, hunting will be much easier. It has a number of exciting features. To begin with, it has WiFi connectivity. It also has a built-in sound and video recording feature. You can record your best shot and keep it as a memory. Other than that, it has a built-in LED IR illuminator. But, it has only a 2x zoom. However, it works great at night and will help you see everything clearly.


  • Built-in LED IR Illuminator
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • Video Recording


  • Only 2x Zoom

7. Digital Night Vision Monoculars for Riflescope

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It doesn’t matter whether it is day or night; this scope will come in handy on all your hunting trips. Hunting will be easier than ever with it on your rifle. You will get a 5-inch display with this scope where you can see everything clearly. It is also very easy to assemble. Get it for your rifle and see everything clearly, even in the dark.


  • 5-inch Display
  • Great clarity at night
  • Easy to assemble


  • A bit heavy

Find the Best Night Vision Scopes for You

So, these are the best night vision scopes under 1000 available out there in the market. Make sure you choose the right one according to your requirements.

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