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Carrying Hot Embers and Coals: Everything You Need to Know

Being able to learn how carrying hot embers and coals like early settlers and people is old and wise.Early peoples carried hot embers wrapped sometimes in fresh maple leaves and then placed in birch bark containers.

Seems the more I read about what archaeologists are finding, the more I wonder if these people might not have been preppers from the last advanced civilization that failed.

They seem to have advanced knowledge of what chemical materials to use on hides, the properties of some metals, plants, and substances that would take science to figure out ahead of being in the wild and surviving.

Make and Carry Your Own Charcoal

Making charcoal and carrying it is a good way to continue adding coal to an ember carrying vessel to have hot coal to start a fire with the moment you arrive at your new campsite.

Please remember that most things done in our modern times are on a large scale.

In the daily life of survival, anything with making charcoal or any other skill, can and will most likely be done on a much smaller scale regularly if you must move with the food supply, as it migrates seasonally or to find greener pastures.

Charcoal Burners

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You can make your own hot ember carrier someday from maple leaves and birch bark or use a metal vessel of some kind that you fashion or find in the foraging of your collapse modern society.

You might even make one from a hollow stone.

Simply feed the hot coal another piece of coal along the way to keep in alive.

What History Teaches Us

It is important to understand history, ancient or recent, to see how life can change overnight.

We must all have some essence of what to do in order to get through each day as our skills increase in strength if we are placed in a less modern lifestyle suddenly.

Not all of us have a life where we can practice these skills consistently, but that doesn’t mean we do not have the ability to learn fast and adapt more easily than others that are more skilled than we are in making fire, processing hides, building shelters, acquiring food, and other bush skills.

Some people, in fact, will excel in the bush and far surpass some of the most experienced bush people, because they have a stronger intellect and creativity.

Some people do not know of their level of instinctive skill until they are placed in a survival situation.

You Will Adapt

There are many stories of survival by people that have never even been camping and may have just read something once on survival, while there are stories of talked-up bush experts that have died from lessor conditions.

Never discount yourself.

Keep a positive state of mind of winning in all situations, until you have actually lost.

Your calm and confident state of mind will serve to leave your mind open for messages from your ancestors that live inside you in memories stored deep in your genes. If you can, please take a bush survival course of some level.

This doesn’t mean to take the hardest one first.

Just the basics of shelter building, water purification and location, trapping/fishing/hunting, and fire-starting would be priceless for your possible future.

Be wise, stay aware, and prepare to have coals always at the ready.

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