Benefits of Dried Food Preps

Benefits Of Dried-Food Preps

There are huge benefits of dried food preps, find out how and why you should do this. Dried food is around 11% of its original weight. Therefore, 100 pounds of food can be more easily carried when it is at around 11 pounds after being dried. Imagine having a gear bag with 1000 pounds of … Read more

Water Freedom System Review

Surviving Through Water Crisis: Water Freedom System Review

Lets talk about doing a water freedom system review for a minute. What’s the one item that takes up the most space in your emergency stockpile right now? What’s one thing that you stock away as much as you can and still worry you won’t have enough? It’s water, isn’t it? When SHTF, you want … Read more

Finding Food in a Desert

As we mentioned in a previous article, the desert is one of the harshest environments on the planet.  Water is incredibly scarce, both plants and animals struggle to survive there, which makes finding food in a desert hugely challenging.  Daytime temperatures can be as high as 120F and can drop down as low as 40F … Read more

Non-Perishable Food – What You Need and How to Store It

Looking to stock your cupboards with plenty of food that won’t go bad, but not sure what to get? Non-perishable foods are the ones that you’re looking for, but you’ll need to know what type of food those actually are so you can pick them up at the store. What Are Non-Perishable Foods? Non-perishable foods … Read more

How to Store Honey at Home

how to store honey

Honey is more than just a thick, golden liquid. It has many nutritional and health benefits and can be consumed, used as a beauty product, and is an effective medicine. If you know how to store honey properly, you can utilize all these benefits after SHTF by having a stockpile of honey in your pantry … Read more

How Long Do Dried Beans Last?

how long do dried beans last

One of the best shelf-stable protein sources you can stock up on as a prepper is dried beans. This wholesome food is a powerhouse of nutrients, and they’re incredibly versatile.  Knowing that dried beans are a must to include in your emergency food supply begs one crucial question: how long do dried beans last? Dried … Read more

How Long Can You Go Without Water?

How long can you go without water

The rule of threes states that you can only survive three days without water under normal circumstances.  In this article, we will discuss how long you can go without water and how dehydration will affect you.  We will also cover how you can find water quickly if you are already dehydrated. It is so easy … Read more

How to Make Yeast At Home

how to make yeast

Used since ancient times for bread making and also popular for producing alcoholic beverages, yeast is one of those essential ingredients you absolutely need to stockpile. Although packaged is affordable and easy to come by, knowing how to make yeast at home is a valuable skill to acquire. Making your own  at home is easy. … Read more

Does Baking Soda Go Bad?

Baking soda is considered an excellent multi-use non-perishable to have in your food reserve. Although the consensus is that baking soda doesn’t go stale when passing its recommended shelf life, it does lose some potency over time. Many attribute this to its original packaging, which could still make it susceptible to moisture, even when left … Read more

Best Foods to Stockpile

Life is unpredictable, and we cannot tell when a natural catastrophe will hit: a wildfire, a tsunami, tornado, or a flood. But what we can predict for sure is that these natural challenges lead to days of hunger and thirst due to food and water shortages. Thus, it is an excellent practice to stockpile foods. … Read more