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Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Compound Bow Review: Is it Worth Buying?

For hunters and target shooters who enjoy using crossbows, finding the right combination of performance, weight, durability, and price can be challenging. The Diamond Infinite Edge Pro has certainly garnered considerable attention thanks to its impressive line of features. Combined with the reputation of the company in the crossbow market, the Infinite Edge Pro would seem to be a slam-dunk purchase.

But does it really live up to the hype? That question can be answered by looking at what it offers, the exceptional features, and drawbacks that might provide second thoughts before making a purchase.

Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Features

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  • 370 FPS
  • Quad Limbs/Precision Cams System
  • Integrated String Suppressors
  • Adjustable Stock & Foregrip
  • Machined Rail: Shoot-through riser
  • Lightweight Design
  • 5-Year Warranty

The draw weight can be adjusted to go up to 70 pounds if you desire. This will add impact to the bolt when it strikes the target.

Pros of the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro

There are considerable advantages when purchasing the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro, starting with the overall lightweight design. This allows for easy traveling along with positioning when you are hunting in the wild. But there are other advantages that this crossbow brings as well.

Even Draw

Because the cams are elliptical in shape, they create a very smooth cycle for drawing the string. This means that there is no bump or shake before being pulled back to its full extension. The result is keeping the target in sight until you are ready to fire.

310 Feet Per Second

That’s how fast the bolt can move once it is fired from the crossbow. That’s an exceptional rate of speed considering the features and price. This means that you can reload and reacquire the target quickly.

Sight & Stabilizer

Sturdy and dependable, the crossbow makes it easy to acquire the target and keep the sights in place. This is perfect for hunting or firing at moving targets as the crossbow remains steady throughout the process.

Cons of the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro

Most of the cons are not part of what the crossbow is designed to do. So, you can take the downsides with a grain of salt.

Mostly for Intermediate Shooters

There is some adjusting that you will need to do to make the crossbow work for your needs. From the draw weight to re-setting the peep sight and three-pin sight, this is definitely not a crossbow that is ready out of the package.


You may find yourself replacing a few parts on the crossbow to make it more your own. Again, this is not really a downside as it is common with many who crossbow for hunting or target shooting. But for beginners this can be annoying.

Verdict: Is This a Good Compound Bow?

Overall, the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro does exactly what it is promised to do. It is an excellent, lightweight, and powerful crossbow that is perfect for hunting or target practice. It is not designed for beginners, so if you have never fired a crossbow before there are other products on the market that probably work better.

But with all that said, the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro does deliver the goods which makes it perfect for those who want an excellent crossbow for their needs.

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