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How Does an Everstryke Match Work?

Have you ever found yourself unable to light a fire for survival? Using an everstryke match would have been an excellent solution!

You can attach a zippo-like matchbox to the Everstryke match using a light steel chain. This is a waterproof device that sees most of its usage in the wilderness, where there is no way you can light a fire when everything is wet.

But it’s obvious that you should know how to use it in the first place. This is a useful guide that can show you the exact steps you need to follow if you want to start a fire using the Everstryke match.

How Does an Everstryke Match Work?

As with any survival item, there are things to do, and things not to do when using them. In this case, the Everstryke match looks just like a zippo lighter, encased in inox steel. The stainless-steel match has a strong chain that attaches to the body and has a special texture in the head to light up and create sparks.

Fill Up the Canister with Lighter Fluid

This is one of the most important steps. You always need to use the designated fluid and nothing but that. There is a designated line that you must not cross when filling it up. Make sure you are wiping away any spills.

Screw the sealing cap back to its former position and let the fluid sit for a while. Then, put back the Everstryke match to its normal position and wait for a couple of minutes until it absorbs a good portion of the burning fluid.

Remove the Striker from the Canister and Light the Match

Another great traditional way to put up a fire is with a striker. Take away the covering cap from the striker and start pressing the Everstryke match towards its direction as if it were a normal match. This should give you a direct flame that will stay lit until the oil has finally burnt out.

Put the Striker Back to its Initial Position and Secure the Device

After you’ve lit the flame, the striker must be placed back to its normal position. This is important for safety reasons and gives you the chance to use the Everstryke match thousands of times until the fluid finally reaches the bottom of the canister. Most people report that they can get roughly 15,000 long-burning flames from the Everstryke match before ever needing new fluid in their canisters.

As you may have realized, the Everstryke match is one of the best survival gear ever made for survivalists and casual campers alike. It can light up a fire and hold it steady for a very long time, no matter the weather conditions.

This zippo-like match device is safe to use without special precautions. You simply need to fill up the canister with the original burning fluid and be careful each time you remove and apply the canister. The striker provides excellent friction between the materials to provide the initial spark, which is necessary to light up the fire. The Everstryke match is an absolute essential when venturing into the wild.

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