How to Carry a Knife in Your Boot

How to Carry a Knife in Your Boot

There are many situations when you want to carry a knife in your boot. We all know that a hidden knife can always save your life, no matter where you are. But you’ll have to wear boots with the right pockets to carry one.

However, keep in mind that having a knife in your boot could lead to questions from authorities upon searching you. Most would advise you to only carry a knife in your boot in rural or wooded areas, where the most likely target of violence would be a dangerous animal.

What is the Best Way to Keep a Knife in My Boot?

First, you need to have the right size of knife for this situation. It should be foldable so your leg doesn’t get irritated by the constant rubbing. You should also make sure that your boots have the right upper mesh and shaft size. Another key is to purchase only the strongest leather since only this material can successfully keep the knife inside of it.

Try to Wear Thinner Socks

This is step is crucial. When you need to store a knife in your boots, you’re better off wearing thin socks in order to provide some room between your calf and the knife.

Place the Knife Underneath Your Feet

If your boot doesn’t have its own holster, you could always store the knife directly beneath your foot. You’ll need to have a knife with a shorter blade so you don’t end up pricking your toes. However, you could easily store it closer to the insole. Wearing a pair of thicker socks will make it easier for you to walk without anyone realizing you’re carrying a knife in your boots.

Carry an Extra Boot Sheath to Store Your Knife

There are many boots that come with an extra sheath to keep small items in. This sheath is usually attached to the inner ankle of the boot, in an ideal position for your knife. You can keep it there for quite some time, where it will be readily accessible to you during any dangerous situation.

Make sure to always follow the directions regarding the placement of the knife in your boots. You must keep it in an area the is easy to access in a pinch. Knives are powerful weapons that can be also used against you if identified by the enemy.

The secret positioning of the knife in your boots gives you an extra chance to retaliate against your external threat in a moment where he doesn’t believe you are a potential threat. Keeping a knife in your boots may seem tiring or difficult and even limit your mobility in some cases.

However, it can be the best tool for survival since it offers you the chance to challenge your opponent when he thinks you are still vulnerable. Boots are great to give you extra space for storage and you should take advantage of that great feature.


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