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How to Cut Deer Meat for Jerky

Deer meat is one of the best to make jerky with. This type of preserved meat keeps on being one of the most famous treats in America. If deer jerky is your family’s favorite snack, then you’d better figure out an easy way to make it! Understanding how to cut deer meat for jerky is the quintessential way to get the perfect jerky for all to share and enjoy.

When buck season comes each year, make sure to go hunting for a big one that has lots of meat to give you. In case, of course, you’re stranded in the wilderness and need the deer meat to survive – making deer jerky would be the only solution.

How to cut deer meat for jerky

There are a few simple steps you should follow when figuring how to cut deer meat for jerky. The raw materials are the most important aspect of this; you should always use clean and sanitized utensils to handle the meat.

Hunt the Deer and Cut the Meat

This is the most adventurous part of the procedure. Hunting a deer is not an easy task but when you finally capture and kill it, you’ll have a nutritious meal for the next few months.

You need to remove all of the blood from the butchered parts and cut them into large pieces so you’ll know what part of the deer you are processing.

Carefully Select Your Cut

Always make sure to rinse the meat and place it on a clean wooden block. Then you should pick your cut. Most hunters take parts from the chest and back of the deer, as they are the most tender and tasty.

Cut the Meat in Extra-Thin Slices

This is the greatest secret when it comes to making perfect deer jerky. It’s especially important because thinner slices are easier to dry, as the thicker ones need almost double-time. You have to make sure you’re using an extra sharp knife throughout this process.

Gather Some Spices

When out in nature, there are many spices you can collect. Salt and pepper alongside with cumin and coriander would make a perfect match together. They’ll give your jerky a better taste and even help them last longer.

Mix the Spices with the Deer Meat Slices

Normally, you’d place the slices into a special spice bath with wine and other spirits. However, you simply don’t have that luxury when you’re trying to survive. Just mix the spices with the deer meat and let them together for a couple of hours.

Dry the Slices Out

Try to place the slices in direct sunlight. This will increase their temperature and steadily evaporate any remaining moisture the deer meat slices. This procedure may take two or three days, but in the end, you’ll be left with deer jerky you couldn’t dream of.

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