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How to Hold a Thumb Release

The thumb trigger release has become quite popular for shooters in the past couple of decades. Being able to understand how to hold a thumb release is fairly simple. This type of release is simple to use and it removes the trigger punch that throws off the accuracy of the shot. However, while the thumb release itself is quite valuable for accuracy, the shooter will still have to avoid bad habits in order to make it work properly.

Knowing how to activate the thumb release will help you maintain accuracy when shooting. This means developing good habits in terms of how to use the bow when shooting. Proper form is crucial to getting consistent results. While this is true in most sports, in archery being consistent with your form is the basis for getting the best results.

What is a Thumb Trigger?

This is a small device that can be connected to the bow string. Instead of pulling the bow string back directly, you use the thumb trigger instead. The advantages are considerable since it spreads the pressure of the string more evenly across your fingers. Plus, releasing the string takes just the press of the thumb.

Another advantage is between shots you can hang the thumb release on the bow string so that it doesn’t get dropped. For many archers, the thumb trigger has revolutionized how they operate their bows. It is a simple, easy to use, and safe device designed to work time and time again to release the bow string.

Punching the Device

Although the primary purpose of the thumb trigger is to remove the “punching” which can alter the flight of the arrow, the device itself can be punched as well. If you develop poor archery habits, you may find yourself suffering from the same issue that the thumb trigger was designed to correct. What follows are two commonly used methods to avoid punching the device.

Relax the Wrist

Using this technique, the string is pulled back by the thumb trigger and set next to the cheek. The hand should be facing palm down towards the ground. When you relax the wrist, this will naturally close the hand which in turn releases the string.

Squeezing the Shoulder Blades

This technique requires pulling the string back with the trigger and holding the backside of your hand to your cheek. To press the button, all you need to do is pull your shoulder blades together and the pressure will gently trip the release.

Both techniques use indirect methods of releasing the string without tensing the muscles in the thumb which cause the punching effect. In this manner, you can get one accurate shot off after another all while keeping your hand relaxed and avoiding the tension associated with pressing the release with your thumb.

With the proper technique, you can effectively use the thumb trigger and avoid punching the device so that your aim remains steady. You will need to practice on your form in order to maintain consistency when firing off each arrow and learning how to hold a thumb release.

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