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How to Make a Paracord Rope

When in need of a survival kit, there are many items to choose from. A paracord rope is a powerful combination of tissues and cords that are fastened together to create a powerful tool that can carry thousands of pounds.

Always remember the risk of being deep in the wilderness and lacking a powerful rope with which to catch game, preserve food, and save others. The paracord rope was also used in parachutes in the second World War. Further, it’s been the rope of choice for many extreme sports thanks to their resistance to heat and unbelievable durability.

How Can I Make a Paracord Rope?

There are many of styles of paracord rope making. A seesaw rope is among the quickest to make and is one of the most durable you could make.

Before beginning, keep in mind that it is much better to combine two different colored cords, to both distinguish the two strands from each other and to customize your rope.

Secure the two ends of the paracord knots, typically creating slipknots that go through the female end of the buckle. Then find the exact center of the two paracords and make a knot there. Now you should have four strands (two of each color) side by side.

Finally, tie the 4 cords together to a single knot. Keep doing that until all the length of the cords is covered with knots. In order to secure the knots, burn the edges so the nylon melts and creates a solid material.

The Many Uses of a Paracord Rope

There are certainly many reasons to keep a paracord rope in your pack at all times, especially when traveling through perilous territory. Here are just a few:

Hanging Your Food on Trees to Keep Bears Away

Nobody wants his food to be eaten by bears, especially when help isn’t exactly a phone call away. That is why you should use a paracord rope to hang it at a higher point so bears cannot reach it.

Replacing Damaged Strings in Your Backpack

You should always ensure that your backpack is secured and that no pesticides are getting inside. Just slip the rope through that empty slot in your bag and you’ll all be set.

Tie Fellow Hikers Together to Follow the Same Trail

Since paracord rope is extremely powerful and stable, you can tie people together so they stay the course when walking through thick brush.

Use as a Fishing Line

The main thing to focus on in this scenario is the type of bait you’ll use when fishing. Fish are often attracted to the paracord rope because its knots can look like prey. When you’re in a pinch and lack the necessary fishing gear, a paracord rope makes an excellent substitute.

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