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How to Start a Fire With Sticks

When it comes to surviving in the outdoors, you want to make sure that you’re prepared for just about anything. That means knowing how to build a shelter, how to find your own food, and definitely how to start a fire with sticks.

There are actually several different ways that you can go about this on how to start a fire with sticks, so let’s take a closer look at the options.

Hand Drill

The first option is something called a hand drill. It’s not the easiest method, but it is the one that requires you to have the least gear. You need one stick to hold onto and another stick (generally a flat one) at the bottom.

1. Place a flat stick or piece of wood where you want to start the fire.

2. Stand a rounded stick on top of the first piece of wood.

3. Put both hands flat on either side of the rounded stick.

4. Rub your hands back and forth, causing the rounded stick to spin on top of the piece of wood.

5. Keep moving your hands as quickly as possible until you have a small spark or flame.

6. Transfer spark/flame to tinder and build it into a full fire.

Fire Plow

The second option is going to give you a little bit easier time of it, but you’ll need to do a bit more prep work to get it really going. So, let’s take a look at just how this one works. You will need a flat, soft piece of wood and a thick stick as well as a knife to prepare.

1. Cut a channel into the flat wood with your knife. This should go all the way from one end of the wood to the other.

2. Hold the flat piece between your knees to keep it steady.

3. Prepare your tinder and place it at the opposite end of your flat piece of wood.

4. Angle the second stick to approximately 45 degrees and hold it with both hands.

5. Move the stick up and down the channel as quickly and forcefully as you can.

6. Keep moving the stick back and forth until you get enough friction that the shavings spark on your tinder.

Bow Drill

The final option is one that’s going to give you a little bit easier time, but you’ll have some more tools in order to get it ready. You’re going to need a piece of wood like with the hand drill and a second stick, but this time you need a third stick with a bend to it. You’ll also need a piece of string, shoelace, drawstring, or some other cord you can tie.

1. Place the flat piece of wood on the ground and place the second stick (the straight one) on top of it.

2. Tie the cord to each end of the bent stick and place the cord around the straight stick.

3. Slide the curved stick back and forth across the straight stick quickly and firmly to create sparks.

4. Use the sparks to light your tinder and build up your fire.

Any of these methods will allow you to build a fire with minimal tools and will help you be prepared for anything in the wilderness.

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