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How Your Lifestyle Now Affects Your Future Ability To Survive

Being able to understand how your lifestyle now affects your future and your ability to survive is crucial to living in a scenario

“The lifestyle you maintain now is directly connected to the moment your survival becomes an issue of importance.” Dave

Internal Health

Hippocrates said: “All health begins in the gut”. He was absolutely correct in all his wisdom and experience. I am living proof. I used to be extremely unhealthy. I was overweight, Type-II Diabetic, arthritic, had acid reflux, severe intestinal issues, mental fogginess, and muscle weakness. I was many many medications and stopped taking them while adjusting what I ingested. I adjusted my entire life of consumption and product usage over the last 15-years, sometimes slowly and sometimes radically, and am now a living and breathing example of the power of a healthy lifestyle and chemically-free environment at home.

I’m not diabetic anymore…naturally cured. I’m not arthritic anymore…naturally cured! I don’t have acid reflux anymore…naturally cured! No more severe intestinal issues…naturally cured! My mind is firing on all cylinders and extremely active in the solution at all times…naturally cured. All it took was a commitment to the body God gave me, to take care of naturally, readjustments to food intake, and regular exercise.

Everything I have accomplished was through adjusting what went into my mouth, on my skin, and existed in my home environment. I drink and eat fermented foods high in probiotics. I not longer ingest refined sugars, grains, dairy, or night-shade varieties of vegetables. I do not drink alcoholic beverages, which can kill off beneficial internal bacteria that protect me from external harmful bacteria that may be present in the water and in the air. Therefore, I am less susceptible to colds and flu viruses. I eat a lot of healthy essential fatty acids that are found in coconut oil, flax seeds, chia seeds, and many other sources. The brain is 65% fat as stated in the book, Grain Brain, so the brain needs healthy fats to function properly. I am no longer arthritic and utilize Arnica for pain while utilizing herbs and spices for any inflammation.

I do not use harsh chemical cleaners anywhere in my life. I do not use anti-bacterial wipes (just vinegar or lemon juice), hand sanitizers, wound creams (We use Puracyn), antibiotics, air fresheners (we use essential oils), aftershaves, deodorants (just lemon in the armpits), shaving creams (I use coconut oil), sunscreen (I use coconut oil), or any other chemical-based or synthetic-based foods, dyes, cleaners, or foods and food additives. These chemicals can kill off beneficial life in you and on your skin that defends your existence. These chemicals, compounds, additives, flavorings, fillers, and artificial sweeteners can also alter your hormone balances, cause mutations in your cells, and affect your mental stability. Your brain is a chemical factory and so is the natural processes of your body. Don’t pollute your factory!

As one of my first mentors used to tell me, “If you want what someone has, then do what they do to have it”. If you want the immune system and other areas of internal health to survive, then you have to live the lifestyle now in order to have it when you are surviving.

“Internal Health now, is essential to combating the infiltration of external killers at some point in the future.”

External Health

As part of building a strong healthy body, I exercise regularly and strength train. I’m no world-class athlete, but I do my best in my fifties. I do have many old injury areas that tend to give me issues, but I strengthen around these areas and vary my workouts in intensity and coverage area. Cardio exercises and strength training, builds strong cells of muscle and skin, while increasing endurance and internal immune system fighters. Doing this also increases my ability to defend myself, climb to safety or for resources, run to safety or after prey, do strenuous tasks from dusk to dawn, and basically feel more secure in my ability to survive now and in the future in the absence of conveniences. External health also gives me abilities to offer any group for strength in numbers if I am assessed for usefulness.

“External Health now, is essential to combating the external forces for your survival at some point in the future.”

Physical Ability

As stated in the previous category, external health means physical ability, which is key in survival and group assessment of usefulness. I do not place my future survival on the compassion of others, while they themselves, are in Competitive Survival Mode. Physical ability is essential to building a shelter that can resist all seasons. It is also essential for defending yourself, your loved ones, and your rightful property. Then there is attaining food and water, which requires carrying something that weighs more than eight pounds per gallon or digging a diversion channel to bring it closer to camp. There’s also hunting, which may require travel to where the hunting grounds are, chasing down prey, and carrying it back to camp. You may have to climb up to a safer location, run from and fight predators of four-legs or two, or even run for your life to safety when the shit does hit the fan where you are. Mobility is key to long-term survival as factors can change and the place you are now, may become unsafe in the future. Do not rely on motorized transportation and roadways.

“Physical Ability now, is essential now, and in the future if survival is necessary in the absence of modern conveniences.”

Defensive Ability

Without defensive capabilities and abilities, even the world right now is a dangerous place for you, me, and everybody. Firearms are necessary because they are a part of the world that evil-people will always possess at any cost. Good-people must maintain the possession of firearms for reasons of the natural right of survival against evil. Even with them, your physical ability to defend yourself is key to your defensive ability. Learning martial arts is essential to any person that is considering how to survive now, and in a future situation without the rule of law, where your competition with others of evil intention will be at the level of kill or be killed – or enslaved.

“When 911 is unavailable and ammo is gone, you must be able to rely on your cunning, viciousness, and hand to hand skills.”

Knowledge: Visual and Hands-on Experience

This goes for cooking, cleaning, health, natural medicine, foraging, fire making, hunting, fishing, shelter building, navigating, creativeness, fighting, leadership, toolmaking, tactical, tracking, defensive traps, and so much more that is needed in the absence of the rule of law and modern conveniences. If you learn it now and have the foundation of hands-on experience, then your chances of survival are far greater than that of the internet survivalist. They may have skills but are weak of heart. We saw how they fared in the Alone Series.

“The first and foremost bug-out bag you should pack full of needs, is the one between your ears that contains your knowledge.”


Skills run hand in hand with knowledge but are in the application and level of ability that is of great importance in the survival assessment. One skill that may be overlooked is the creative factor that some people have. They are the creators of what most people learn today. Someone, somewhere, at some point in history, created what you are learning. I say, “Don’t just learn what is available to learn. Create some tricks and tools of your own.” Your creativeness can form a tool or strategy that may not be in the manual, because there are so many factors yet to be experienced in all of nature and survival. The skills you learn and create now, are what you will use at your new job as an executive survivalist. Learn the basics and the advanced skills that are available now, while building your own comfortable style that is a part of you wherever you go. That way you will have with you, the most important abilities to survive against natural adversity.

“Skills are worth more than any paper in a frame on the wall, because the paper can only be used to start a fire once.”


Awareness is more than just sight and sound. Those can be altered or imitated to fool you, divert you, or guide you right into a trap. In a survival situation, your senses will come alive. If you work with them now and practice associating with them, whether in nature or in the modern social environment, you will be able to sense danger, prey, and predators anywhere. You will be able to know if someone is focused on you, whether for good reason or bad ones. You will sense tectonic pressures, atmospheric changes, food, water, and more. Most of these senses, other than sight and sound, are ones that are of a chemical and barometric nature. Tectonic and atmospheric changes are registered in the body and then the brain receives an impulse. With all the distractions of sight and sound technologies, we rarely recognize them until after the earth shakes or something hits us straight in the face. When we are out in the wilds, these senses will be louder and more recognizable to us as we acclimate and begin to trust them. Practice listening to them now in preparation for a world without modern conveniences and the rule of law present. That way your acclimation period is shorter and your chance of survival will be greater. There will not be a pause button for danger, hunger, thirst, or those people of evil-intention you will be competing with.

“Awareness is deeper than sight and sound, therefore your preparedness must have more depth to face any survival situation”

Spiritual Stability

When faced with negativity in life, how does a person hold up? What is their foundation of life principles made of in their state of everyday living? That is the meat of spirituality and of living a spiritual lifestyle. It is not in quoting versus from any book or scripture. It is in how a person shows their spiritual nature of being, when facing the challenges of life, regardless of wealth, property, and/or personal safety. It is where courage in the face of ultimate sacrifice becomes your reality. No one can be fearful and spiritual at the same moment in time. A person will always experience fear, but it is replaced by courage when the spirit is summoned, and the principles trump all self-centeredness. That is why the true definition of spirituality is “The absence of fear”. Faith without action is dead, therefore, prayer only is for guidance to take an action in the spirit, not self-procurement of anything material and of this world. The only other time for prayer is in the support of another person who is suffering from a spiritual malady, and for guidance to come to their heart and mind, back to the internal spirit. There is no gloating of prayer and summoning of wealth or abundance. All the things we receive come from our own actions.

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands in times of challenge and controversy” Martin Luther King, Jr.

Mental Stability

If a person has any belief that is based in fantasy, which is not substantiated in physical fact, they are mentally unstable. Fantasy is the opposite of reality. Fantasy is a mobile and ever-changing delusion to comfort a spiritual malady, otherwise known as a disconnect from the internal spirit that should guide the mind in reality. This delusion must be forced upon others for the non-spiritual person to feel comfortable in life. Thus, this delusion can spread like a disease, depending on the comforting force of the delusion. Reality is a constant and factual set of scientific principles that are common to all forces of nature and all life forms. Reality is not soft and pretty. It is hard and discomforting. Modern conveniences have paved the way for beliefs of fantasy that are labeled spiritual in nature but are very unnatural and dangerous to all seeking to survive SHTF. Living in scientific reality creates mental stability while living in a delusional states leads to conflict between people of different delusions. People living in reality have far more freedom of thought and mobility and thus can come to more solutions to face adversities than people living in a delusional state, where they expect someone or something to solve their problems. We must be spiritually dependent on guidance to take actions for strengthening our bodies and minds or all is lost.

“In a survival state, a person living in scientific reality has a better chance of facing and solving problems than a delusion person of beliefs based in fantasy. The spiritual world is a scientific reality, meaning here and now.”

Communication Ability

Being able to communicate with other living beings, be that human or other animals, is essential to survival. Learning to communicate your territorial boundaries now and in survival situations from the land, is crucial to avoid conflicts that can cause harm or death to both parties involved in the discussion. These discussions may be had through vocal, visual, electronic or chemical means. You might scratch a tree and urinate on it along a common path of travel for all species to respect your territorial boundary. In the modern world, you might convey your principles to someone else to prevent a chance of infidelity or insult. You might ask someone else as to the nature of their principles to avoid insult, conflict, or loss of social and economic gain. You may someday want to hold a position of leadership in which you have to serve people of many diverse beliefs while holding the continuity and peacefulness of the group together. The ability to communicate on the terms and principles of life in the wilds may get you an entire pack of Wolves on your side through mutual respect and sharing of resources. If you discount this then you will have a rough time against many other competitors.

“Communication is important to all parties at the table of mutual survival or in a common lifeboat adrift in the timeline.”

Leadership Ability

Communication from an unbiased and neutral standing is the only successful way to lead. Of course, there must be a set of group principles that everyone adheres to, but the leader must continually be in service to all they wish to lead. It is not wise to make enemies on purpose while proving a useless point on any subject matter. A leader simply represents the principles of the group and does not dictate. That person leads by example and keeps all people of the group involved in any disciplinary necessities. Group activity and group responsibility must always be maintained, with no one being an exception. Any group or society will always become whatever it tolerates.

“Leadership is the ability to hide one’s panic from others, so be stable and stick to the principles of the group. Focus.”

“May you fair well when it is time to say farewell…”

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