Magic Survival Powders

Originally Published in 2014

Magic Survival Powders

Sorry, but as you know, there’s no such thing as a magic powder or pixie dust. The only way you can get these magic powders is to grow your own vegetables or buy them, dehydrate them, and make your own powders by grinding them up.

Dehydrating Your Own Vegetables

Of course, you can purchase the vegetables and dehydrate them in your own dehydrator, and you can also purchase your own Vegetable Powders, but there is a lot of fun and feeling of accomplishment in growing your own, drying your own, and then having your own homemade powder. Purchasing is great, too, because the health benefits are very important.

Dried Food Prepping

With these powders in my pack in survival mode, we can add some of each to our water and have a healthy nutritious meal. You would be surprised at how much energy you get from just these three sources of nutrition. Most everyone has a couple of calories tucked-in around their waist, so it’s not like you are going to starve from using powders for even a few weeks. You might be pretty grumpy and mean, but you will have plenty of energy.

Look at the nutrition in each of these powders:

We will be dehydrating other nutritious greens from the food-source garden also, like Mustard, Romaine lettuce, Spinach, Kale, and Mizzuna. These other greens will increase the nutritional value of our greens powder. We are also growing Moringa, which is highly nutritious, and will be dehydrating as well.

If you adopt this method of everyday supplementing of your dietary intake, along with adding it to your mobile food supply, then you won’t be having to carry hundreds of pounds of cans around with you when or if you have to bug-out fast.

You can also do like we do, and add these powders to some water or fruit juice in a blender, along with some bananas, berries, and whatever else you like, blend it all up and become healthier while enjoying something sweet, tasty, and friendly to your body.  Make a friend of your body, and it might do you better in return over the long haul.


  1. I have been very interested to find this magic pixie dust ever since i discovered “amazing grass on amazon” and then “kratom” then “yerba mate” then “matcha tea” then “red korean ginseng” then the smart drugs like “Alpha GCP” and “Tuarine” …

    I think it might be possible to build this supplement to a high % of magic pixie dust using these and more ingredients…

    The closest to magic IMO is “curcumin 95% turmeric extract” and “cacao”…

    It’s not too well known there is a major difference between “cacao” and “cocoa” …

    Amazing Grass is pretty amazing but i don’t agree with the wheatgrass…

    Kratom seems to be the wildest animal to try to tame…


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