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Mini Cree Flashlight Review

First off, it did take some time after ordering these two Mini Cree Flashlights, to receive them in the mail as they were imported.

I have a thing for flashlights, so it was worth the wait for me.

Now my wife will have a Mini Cree Flashlight in her purse, and I will add mine to my belt or jacket.

If the power goes out and normal lighting is not available, we want as much back up lighting options as possible.

You can grab these babies off Amazon now, but when I originally ordered these they weren’t available on there yet (or maybe I just couldn’t find them on there).

Mini Cree Flashlight Review

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Let’s take an in-depth look at my Mini Cree Flashlight review and see if this product is a great fit for you as well!

Flashlight Size

Right away, I like the size. You can see by the picture above, that they are small but thick. The machining of the threads on all the connecting parts is good.

I unscrewed everything and put it back together to check the quality. The clip is strong and is held in place by two Allen-head bolts of micro size.

One was loose on one of the flashlights. No problem for me, as I can easily access the appropriate wrench around here.

Three Modes

The Mini Cree Flashlight has three modes. A soft beam, a stronger beam, and a constant flashing beam for signaling.

Push Button Soft-Covered Switch

I like flashlights with the push button soft covered switch at the end of the cylinder-like this one has.

This allows the holder to grip it inverted and use their thumb to click the switch and target the light more effectively.

Multiple Options

The Mini Cree Flashlight also comes in many combinations of options, sizes, and a charging system as well.

Low Beam vs Stronger Beam

The low beam above and the stronger beam setting below are more easily seen in the wider angle of setting. The width is easily set at the front of the flashlight, and the flashing mode works in all width settings.

The switch rotates through all three settings of low, high, and flashing, very easily. The switch is very comfortable with the rubber sealed cover.

Can Be Used Defensively

The intensity of such a strong beam of light is not just good for lighting the way through the dark but is also useful to temporarily blind an attacker.

Shining this bright light in an attacker’s eyes is a nonharmful, nonlethal way to give yourself a little space in order to flee and seek safety.

Can Be Use to Signal for Help

Then clicking to the flashing mode can help to attract the attention of others and signal police that might be in the area or responding to a call for help.

The flashing mode can also be used to signal rescuers if you are lost or hurt out on the trail and don’t have a ham radio handy.

We can never know when the day we planned out on the trail might turn into a night stranded in the country with people out looking for us. Being able to signal those searching for you, can shorten your stay in the overnight elements and the other dangers that come out when the sun goes down.

See the Mini Cree Flashlight in Action

Verdict: Is This a Good Flashlight?

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Overall, I would give this Mini Cree Flashlight a very good rating, for the price, decent quality, the three lighting modes, the strong clip, and the strength of the beam it gives off to light the way.

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