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My Nude Workout Program

What is my nude workout you may ask?? Well here it is, I use no equipment, no barbells, no free weights, no treadmill, no machines at all, or any manufactured gear with this workout.

If you thought this was going to be some kind of erotic naked-man article, you were wrong in many ways.

I know that most people’s opinions and most all definitions will say that nude means to be free of clothing, but my reference is being free from all but what is around you to use with only the force of gravity and your body’s muscles to exercise and strength train.

Just as someone may feel that they cannot go out without clothing on, or make the statement that they felt nude without some item they covet, they may also feel that they cannot train without manufactured objects.

Thus, they may feel naked and out of place in such a pursuit.

Let me share some ways I train in the nude with respect to this concept and successful method of training.

Here’s what I do regularly in between my regular workouts:


Push-ups against the kitchen counter while cooking or filling water bottles from the sink filtration system, etc.


I run around the house or wherever I go at home and outside the home, regardless of what others think.


Crunches any time of the day, of course.

Leg Lifts

Lifting my legs and holding them out while sitting and watching TV.


Squats while in the kitchen cooking.

Proper Posture

Simple proper posture is a strain on the core muscles because they are required to keep your body upright in this way. I sit up straight at the computer to engage my core rather than continuously slouching.

You will notice how slouched you normally are now. Also tightening and relaxing the stomach and back muscles, while still maintaining good posture, will work them every time you sit anywhere.


I do not sit constantly. I stand sometimes while watching TV or looking around the internet but in a slight martial arts ready horse stance. This engages leg, core, and many other muscles to maintain balance and position.

Pushing Against the Wall

Every wall or doorway is an imaginary person in a wild crowd of people during a disaster situation.

Pushing against the wall to your side, in front of you, and behind you, all the while maintaining the foundation of stability that your feet, legs, and core muscles provide, with actually work your entire body.

You will feel it the next day or day after that. This strengthening method is crucial for a time where you might have to navigate crowds of people or even debris in a disaster. Your path may not be level and paved.

Walk with Meaning

I don’t just place one foot in front of the other when I walk. My walk has meaning.

Every step includes every muscle in my legs, butt, and core. Even my arms are a part of my walk in my continuous state of balance and readiness.

I relax when I sleep. If you are not ready in this way, you can easily be overtaken at any moment and end up on the ground with someone on top of you.

Isometric Tension Training

Just placing my fingers under the dining table, squatting slightly, and then increasing pressure against the weight of the table with every muscle in my body without lifting the table, is called isometric tension training.

This is a load-bearing exercise to get your muscles accustomed to constantly carrying the strain of gear, a firearm in your arms, a child or injured partner, or even just wood supplies.

Utilizing Door Frames

Holding onto a door frame and leaning your weight slightly away from it strengthens your grip and arms. This can be done by standing on the commuter train and using the poles or overhead grips. You can train on your commute, saving time at home with training in some areas. No society has ever been so sedentary in their everyday life. Only you can change this with yourself.


Place one hand in the other, keep pressure in both pulling and pushing force, while moving into a curl and then back out in and punch.

Do this from many angles, up and down, side to side, out and away, and back again. Use your creativity with this isometric tension exercise.

This again can be done commuting as a passenger in any vehicle, whether a car, van, bus, or train.

Knee Lifts

Walk around the house lifting your knees to your palms at the rib level.

This works your core again. Core strength is very important for spine support and lower back health, as well as allowing clearer space for your organs to operate more easily.

Leg Rolling

Imagine you are on a wobbly boat and roll with the movement in a rotating and circling movement to the left a few times, and then switch to a right direction rolling movement with your legs. Make sure you use all your butt and leg muscles with your knees slightly bent.

Stop Being Sedentary

These are but a few of the things I do to let go of a socially acceptable sedentary lifestyle, and become healthy, stronger, and less dependent on the convenience of being able to simply sit around, go get food from a store or have it brought to my home or table in some way, while removing any future setback in having to adapt to a world void of conveniences.

You can benefit from this and will see results in a short period of time if you simply change your movements through your everyday life.

You can create some more of your own exercises, too. You will feel as though others think you are strange for wanting to strain, but you will be surviving in the future when they cannot climb, run, or force their way to safety through hordes of lifestyle-bred cattle and/or over terrain that is not easy to traverse.

If you ever find what I share in my demeanor to be harsh, wait until you experience what I’m trying to prepare you for!

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