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Prepping When Your Spouse Doesn’t

There have been people that asked me what to do when their spouse or partner is not on board with their prepping. Someone once also conveyed to me how their prepping was being used against them in court-custody hearings to make a point that they were unstable. For me, life is simple in this regard. I work as a team, and when people do not want to, they are not part of my team. I prep, because I see it as a necessary part of life for all lifeforms on this planet, and I’m sure it is on many other planets.

Here are my thoughts on the subject of prepping when your spouse doesn’t. I take a neutral and non-confrontation approach because severe argument and lack of purposeful tact can destroy the foundation of the entire relationship. I also cover ex-spouse relationships where children are present and must be discussed.

Financial Disputes

Does your spouse have a hobby or activity they love to do that costs money? Well, consider this your hobby and activity. It’s called preparedness and you find it enjoyable. Keep a positive outlook on the world in your spouse’s presence and communicating moments, and simply convey to them that it is a simple and rational hobby or personal pursuit.

Legitimizing Your Reasons For Prepping

You merely have to present historical facts, rational concerns for the group welfare, and the benefits of having some preps. Write down the number of preps, reasons for them, the amount of time of need they represent, along with many examples of past disasters where people were made reliant of others to feed, water, and house them. Ask your spouse if it is their wish is to be independent or dependent if a disaster occurs. Keep it simple and let their own instinctive mind work out the rationality of such an issue. If they are an irrational person, no amount of talking will reach them in this regard. They are what is called domesticated.

Bringing Your Spouse On Board

Ask them to help you with some tasks, and allow them to participate even through any complaining or criticism by them about your prepping. Through the process of this activity, they may ask questions and realize the significance of what you are doing and why. This may open them up to asking some more rational questions. Merely answer them in a short and positive way.

For example: “Why do we need all this water?”

You answer: “Because we may be thirsty.“.

Children in The Mix

Custody battles and arguments over raising children are normal and always have been a part of family life. Make sure that the point of raising adults versus raising children is made. Preparedness is just like putting money away for hard times, for retirement, or to save for something we want to purchase later. In this case, we are putting away an investment of food, water, gear, and other supplies, while also investing in tools to defend our investment. It’s like having insurance. If you have a firearm, you do not have to discuss it with an ex-spouse that is delusional to the need for self-defense tools. You also do not have to inform your children if it may cause an issue. Your basic Constitutional rights never have to be discussed, unless violated. There are there and natural.

Legal Issues With Custody

Make sure that your visual preparedness is mellow when you are in the line of sight and knowledge of your children and your ex-spouse. Do not discuss anything more than food, water, and medical supplies with your children and ex-spouse. You can keep everything else in a locked room that is none of their business. Do not discuss negative world affairs or politics with your ex-spouse or children. Keep it positive and happy, because most of society is delusional to the seriousness of disasters that can happen without notice, so they will consider you irrational and possibly dangerous. Make it about the safety and future feeding, watering, and medical attention of your children. Any court will see this as a mother or father looking out for their children’s welfare.

Family and Friends

Personally, I don’t keep friends that judge me or are irrational in the way they live and think. I also do not deal with a family that is ridiculing of my ways. It is not a matter of bloodlines to me in this regard. This is my life I am investing in, so people that place my life at risk, are not a benefit, but are more of a liability. Irrational people are a cause of death in my belief. People that go against rational thought and action cause the deaths of millions of people every year, to family and people they don’t even know.

Accepting Ridicule From Others

Ridicule will come from all areas of life, but if you look at the positive in what you are doing, along with any people that benefit from your example, then it is more about them than it is about you. It’s more about their own lack of purpose and preparation than about your mature and rational investment to handle any future disaster. Disasters are a part of the historical record and also occur everywhere in the world, daily. Do not place any value on the words of immature, fearful, and overly domesticated, dependent people. Merely keep yourself focused on independent actions to be prepared.

Firearms and Other Defensive Tools

This can sometimes be a dividing topic. “Defensive Tools”, is what they should always be referred to as, rather than guns, firearms, and weapons. Just keep calling them defensive tools for protection. Being able to prepping when your spouse doesn’t and safety is elementary in nature.Ask your partner if they want you or them to be defenseless if an attacker comes to the door or anywhere in life. Ask if they want the children to be undefended or harmed. This goes for both spouses and ex-spouses. Never talk about harming or killing others, even if the subject of being attacked comes up in conversation. Keep the focus on defending yourself. You are a nice person that doesn’t want to harm anyone but merely wishes to stop someone from harming you, your spouse, and/or your children. This is a natural right of all life.

Risking Yourself For Those You Love That Have Gone Against Your Preps

It’s tough when people that ridicule you for preparing, may also need what you have prepared someday, and also be clueless as to what to do while having very little to offer in a team effort. It is not abnormal to have the thought of leaving them behind or letting them fall rather than risking your own life for them. You do not and will not know how you will act or react at the moment. Love really does conquer all walls in this regard. I’ll leave it at that.

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