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Prepping 101

When it comes to preparing for the future you want to be ready for anything. After all, you never know what’s going to happen or when. You never know when the entire world could change and you could be entirely on your own with no help from the outside world. That’s where prepping comes in. And in order to make it work you need the right tools.

Prepper Flashlights

Having a flashlight on hand is essential if things really start to go bad and you lose electricity. You can make do without light, but it’s definitely not going to be easy and you’re going to struggle to get around your house. A prepper flashlight is going to make it easier for you to see where you’re going and to be prepared for anything.

Water Filters

If you can’t trust the water you absolutely need a water filter. You don’t want your family getting sick from drinking contaminated water, but if the water supply goes out and there’s no fresh water available you may need to start drinking water that you wouldn’t have before. Having a large supply of water filters is going to make sure you and your family can safely drink whatever is available without having to worry about what might be in there.


For survival, you’re going to need to know plenty of woodworking techniques. You want to know how to build all the things you might need because you never know what you may be able to get and what you won’t. You want to be sure you know how to build the essentials and that you know enough woodworking to be able to repair some of your other wood products. If you need to fix something you don’t want to be struggling to find someone that can take care of it for you.

When it comes to prepping for an emergency situation or an apocalypse you’re absolutely going to need some skills and some proper tools. You need to know how to build things and repair things around you and you definitely need the tools necessary to keep your family safe. With a flashlight and plenty of water filters you’re actually going to be well on your way to that. And when you add in those woodworking skills that you can barter for even more supplies, you’re definitely going to be ahead of the curve when it comes to prepping.