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Sniper 370 Crossbow Review: Good Crossbow or Overhyped Junk?

Despite advances in technology, crossbows have remained relatively the same over the centuries in terms of their basic design. However, the Sniper 370 crossbow represents a new line that emphasizes a lightweight frame augmented by powerful strings and an emphasis on vibration reduction. The result is a product that claims to be light, accurate, and easy to use.

But does the Sniper 370 Crossbow live up to the hype? The answer can be found in the build of the crossbow and its overall performance.

Sniper 370 Crossbow Features

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There are several remarkable features associated with the Sniper 370. Especially if this will be your first crossbow.

  • 370 FPS
  • 18” Axle to Axle on Full Draw
  • 185 lb. Draw Weight
  • Integrated String Suppressors
  • Aluminum Composite Build
  • Adjustable Stock and Foregrip
  • Designed for Right and Left-Handed Operators

Pros of the Sniper 370

Here are some of the upsides of owning this crossbow:


One of the more interesting features is that it features an adjustable AR-type of stock. This combined with the interchangeable grip makes it easy to adjust the crossbow to fit your needs. In other words, you do not have to change your grip or stance to use this crossbow, it will change for you. This makes it a remarkable device.


Another exceptional feature is the overall speed in which you can load, aim, and pull the trigger. Everything about the Sniper 370 is made to be intuitive, which is perfect for hunting. You can fire, reload, and fire again within a few seconds thanks to the emphasis on ease of use.


Another excellent benefit is the accuracy of the crossbow. This means scoring hits at 50 yards without having to adjust is quite good, especially for the price. Even when adjusting the tension, the accuracy remains quite good over longer distances. However, even the best crossbows will lose accuracy once you get well past 50 yards.


All things considered, this is one of the least expensive crossbows on the market for all the features that it delivers.

Cons of the Sniper 370

The one downside of the Sniper 370 is trigger creep. This is the distance the trigger must travel before it releases the bolt. Trigger creep changes the distance over time which means that you will have to adjust your expectations the longer you use the crossbow.

It’s not a deal-breaker, but it can affect the accuracy when the bolt releases before you expect it. If you decide to purchase this crossbow, you will have to keep the significant trigger creep in mind.

Verdict: Is This a Good Crossbow?

The Sniper 370 Crossbow is a remarkable product for the price. Fast, light, and accurate, it makes the perfect crossbow for those who have never purchased one before.

The aluminum composite build is not only light but sturdy which means that it will remain strong and durable for a long time under normal use situations. The trigger creep is the only downside in an otherwise remarkable product.

For those looking at getting a light, accurate crossbow for hunting or for those who are just starting out, the Sniper 370 is a great choice.

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