7 Best Backpacking Water Filters

Whenever you go on a hiking trip, it is important to have fresh water with you. But, you can’t carry enough water for the entire trip. Also, if you go…

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Backpacking 101

When is the last time that you went backpacking? Maybe you’ve gone with friends before or maybe you’ve gone on your own. Maybe you’ve never been backpacking. No matter what your experience level, you can have a whole lot of fun with the experience. All you need is the right gear to get you started and that’s actually easier than you might think.

Water Filters

Backpacking water filters are going to be extremely important when it comes to your preparations. Because you’re going to be out for an extended period of time you’ll need a way to get plenty of water. A filter is the best way to do it and there are plenty of them out there that work in all different ways.


You’ll want a backpack to carry all of your gear in. And you may want to take a closer look at cheap backpacking backpacks as well. That way, you can get started without quite the same investment. In fact, you’ll be able to get a cheap backpack and some of your other gear for the same price as an expensive bag.


You’ll want to take at least a few tools along with you when you’re heading into the wilderness. Generally, a rope, a knife and a first aid kit are going to be the basics that you want to have available. These will make sure that you’re prepared and that you can be better protected when it comes to venturing into the wilderness.


Having food available is always a good idea. For a backpacking trip you want to have at least a few snacks available so that you can grab something if you get hungry. After all, you need something in case you get lost or are otherwise out longer than you planned. You’ll also need something if you end up expending a lot of energy or just because.

No matter what your experience with backpacking, being prepared is the most important thing that you can do. Make sure that you’re evaluating all of your gear and that you protect yourself from anything that might come your way. Backpacking can be a whole lot of fun. But if you don’t have the things you need you’re going to find it a whole lot harder than it needs to be. So, gather your food, your water filters, your tools and your backpack and get ready.