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Ted’s Woodworking Plans Review: Survivalist Godsend or Scam?

This review is an in depth guide and ted’s woodworking plans review. Stay tuned to learn all about ted and his woodworking.

When it comes to preparing for the worst, you need to have the best possible equipment and supplies.

But those supplies aren’t cheap to buy.

Sometimes they’re even difficult to acquire.

In these instances, you want to make sure you can get everything you need to outfit your bunker or safe room.

Whether you’re already a builder or not, you want to know how to get started on your own, creating everything that your space needs and everything that your family needs.

That’s where you might be looking at Ted’s Woodworking Plans for yourself.

What is Ted’s Woodworking Plans?

ted's woodworking plans review


Let’s start at the very beginning: what exactly is the “Ted’s Woodworking Plans” product?

This is actually a set of 16,000 plans for a range of different items that you can use around your house, in your safe room, or anywhere else that you want.

In fact, these plans range from planters and games to tables, sheds, shelves, and a whole lot more.

Some of the projects are basic; others are incredibly detailed.

But no matter what you’re looking to create or how much skill and experience you have, this is a set of plans that will help you along.

The idea behind this set is not just to prepare you for an emergency or a survival situation.

It’s also about getting your home into the ideal condition.

This set comes with a total of 16,000 plans.

Of those 16,000 plans, you’ll find different ways to put together just about anything that your family could need, no matter the situation.

That’s the main selling point that they offer and advertise.

They tell you that you’ll have access to detailed plans for your dream projects and items that you just can’t buy.

What You Get with This Product

Ted's Woodworking Plans review

In this set, you’re getting 16,000 plans.

Each of them is laid out in a step-by-step manner that’s sufficient for beginners or experienced woodworkers and builders alike.

They are specific down to the exact measurements, and they provide you with options and steps with the least amount of equipment necessary.

Just because you’re looking to build more significant or more extensive projects doesn’t mean that you have to have the most expensive equipment available.

With this set, it’s assumed that you have very little equipment of your own.

In this set, you’ll have cut sheets to explain the materials clearly, accurate measurements, and all required steps and images of what you’re going to create.

The idea is to make sure that not only can you build the product by following the steps, but you’ll be able to do it quickly, and you’ll be able to enjoy the process as well.

Ted Mcgrath is a certified master woodworker, and he is responsible for creating each of these plans himself.

That means each of them is written and designed in ways that really do work.

  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Cutting & materials list
  • Detailed schematics
  • Views from all angles
  • Plans for beginners & professionals
  • Continuous, monthly updates
  • Custom projects available

Who are These Plans Meant for?

ted's woodworking plans review

Simply put, these plans are a godsend for all kinds of people including the following:

Expert Craftsmen

For one, people who love to build things with their own hands are definitely going to love this set.

It’s great for anyone who already builds wood furniture and other wood products in their home.

If you’ve been building a lot of things around the house, whether for your personal use or for sale, you’re going to have a good amount of additional options with this set.

It gives you thousands of items that you can and maybe even do use in your home all the time.

If you want to get started in building things for yourself, whether as a method of income or as a way to save some money, you can do it with this set.

Woodworking Hobbyists

It’s also an excellent way to start a new hobby and just plain have some fun.

This set includes plans that are great for beginners as well as moderate and more advanced builders.

That means even if you’ve never built anything in your life, you’re going to have the ability to try it out here and to learn the basics as you build your way up.

Woodworking Entrepreneurs

Anyone who wants to make a living in any form will also have a benefit here because it gives you so many different options.

Many builders offer a range of products, but some specialize in just a few.

This set provides you thousands to choose from so you can take a look and then start practicing on different ones.

You’ll be able to discover which of these are the most straightforward or most interesting for you.

From there, you can start selling these products and getting even better at each of them.

Survivalists & Preppers

Finally, and potentially most importantly, this set is for those who want to be prepared for the worst-case scenario (i.e. myself and likely most of you reading this now).

Commonly referred to as survivalists or preppers, we are individuals who want to make sure that no matter what happens with the rest of the world, they and their families will be safe.

If this sounds like you, then this set of plans can help you outfit your basement, bunker, or safe room with all of the gear and equipment you need.

It can also help you develop the kind of building skills that you may need in the future while dealing with these emergencies.

Pros of These Plans

Here are some of the upsides of getting these plans for yourself:

Includes 16,000 Plans

ted's woodworking plans review

The most significant benefit is that you’re going to have 16,000 different plans that you can learn from.

That means you’re not going to run out of things to do, and you’re going to have plenty of different things to try.

You’re not going to find a collection of plans as big as this anywhere else, and with the variety that you’re getting, you’re going to be even more prepared.

Variety of Projects

There are projects in just about every category you could think of in this set.

Some are for fun and games, some are for improving the look and feel of your home or garden, and others are furniture pieces.

But there’s also a whole lot more, which gives you variety and versatility.

Labeled by Skill Level

If you’re a beginner, you can look for the plans that are designed for beginners.

If you have more skill or experience, you can look for moderate or advanced plans that will help you build on the skills that you have right now.

That means you don’t feel overwhelmed, but you also don’t have to run the risk of getting bored with projects intended for early builders.

Designed by a Professional

Ted Mcgrath has actual experience with woodworking.

These plans are not only well organized and laid out, but they have been tested and proven time and again.

Also, the person who is creating them has done them personally and ensured that each one comes out the way it’s meant to, even for beginner builders.

Updated Monthly

You’ll get access to 16,000 plans, but you’re also going to get access to monthly updates and additional projects that are sent to all subscribers.

There are no additional costs in order to get these updates.

And you can send in requests for custom plans if you find yourself wanting something that isn’t available.

Variety of Instructional Formats

Getting started doesn’t just mean reading through some step-by-step instructions and being on your own.

You get those, but you also get 3D drawings, diagrams from each angle, and other information you need to create things right the first time around.

Several Additional Features

Included in this set are also several additional features that include instant access to the online system and DVDs.

You’ll have lifetime access to everything, which means more than just the plans.

You’ll also have instruction, tutorial videos, training courses, training guides, and anything else you need for success.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you decide that you don’t like this product for any reason, you can put in a request for a refund, and you will be eligible to get your money back.

That means you don’t really have anything to lose by trying them out.

Easy to Keep With You

You’ll get digital access to all of the plans, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take them with you.

You can actually print out each of the projects or any of them you want and have them with you while you’re working.

Cons of These Plans

As with anything, there are a few things that we didn’t like about the plans.

It Can Be Difficult Finding What You Want to Build

When it comes to finding the specific plan that you want to build, you could spend a decent amount of time on it.

Because you’re getting 16,000 plans and because they’re stored in a PDF format, it can be challenging to figure out where each one is so you can get started.

Not Everything is Detailed

You’ll get most of the details that you need for each of the projects, but some of them are a little bit lighter on those details than others.

For those, you may need to do a little bit more digging, or you may need to expound on the details for yourself.

No Physical Products

You do have the option to get physical products, but you’ll have to pay a little more to do it.

The set that you buy standard from their website consists of digital products only.

Aggressive Sales Techniques

Not everyone wants to be sold to extensively, and it seems that this system is offered quite a bit.

The team who is behind it appears to be a little overboard sometimes when they’re trying to get a sale, which can come across as too pushy.

Why You Should Invest in Your Survival

So, just why should you invest in this set of plans? The main reason is that it’s going to help you get the type of equipment, supplies, and systems that you need to be prepared for anything.

You’ll learn how to build furniture that you can use in your bunker.

You’ll learn how to create activities and games that will keep even the youngest in your group occupied and happy if you ever need to stay in that bunker, and you can keep things secure and organized for whenever you need them.

On top of that, you’re going to learn a number of different skills in the way of building.

You’re not just learning how to build those 16,000 items.

You’re also going to be learning how to build in general.

You will learn how to use different hand and power tools.

You’ll learn how to read a blueprint and possibly even how to create your own.

All of those things are going to make it easier for you to build anything else in the future.

You will be better prepared for dealing with the aftermath of an apocalypse.

Ted’s Woodworking Review: Is it Worth Getting?

ted's woodworking plans review


Whether this set is digital or physical doesn’t really matter in being able to build the pieces.

Likewise, it may take a little while to find the plans you want, but they definitely are in there.

You’ll be able to find a little bit of everything.

It seems that there are some downsides for some people, but overall this set does what it says it will.

You’ll get the information that you need in order to build whatever it is that you want. And the price is definitely low for the number of plans you’re getting.

If you’re looking for ways to get yourself and your family prepared for an emergency situation, this is definitely the way to go about it.

You can learn a great deal from the different plans, and those can be applied to anything that you want or need to build in the future.

Preparing for an emergency or an apocalypse requires a great deal of thought, planning, and skill.

With this set of plans, you’ll be able to jump-start this process just a little bit more to help your situation.

That means a potentially better outcome for the future.

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