VIPERTEK VTS-989 Stun Gun Review

Originally Published in 2014


I was very excited to finally make this purchase for my wife and I.

There are many brands, models, and styles of stun guns on the market today.

They are in the shape of cellphones, plastic knuckles, pens, and more.

They range in size and output voltage.

There are many companies that manufacture these items and local laws apply to whether you can own one, carry one, or use one.

Please read your local laws and reviews on these products for your benefit in having a solid and reliable defensive tool, as well as a quality one.

Let’s take a look at my in-depth VIPERTEK VTS-989 Stun Gun review and see if this isn’t the right product for you!

VIPERTEK VTS-989 Stun Gun Review

This VIPERTEK VTS-989 has an output voltage of 19,000,000 volts and fits very comfortably into the hand.

Wrist Strap

It comes with the wrist strap to prevent it from being knocked away from you, if you have to break your fall with your hand, or it is knocked from your hand by an attacker.

Then you can re-grasp it and use it.

Thumb Switch

There is a thumb switch that has three positions.

One is the off position, the second turns on the flashlight, and the third position engages power to the push-button voltage output trigger switch.

Charging Cord and Carrying Case

This self-defense device comes with its own charging cord and carrying case with belt loop.

Ergonomic Design

It is small enough for the small hand, and not too small for the large hand.

The design is conforming to the natural function of the hand, comfortably held, and easily used.

Can Be Used Anywhere

This self-defense device can be used in any environment, on or off the trail, to defend against any human or animal that seeks to cause you harm.


The flashlight is rendered off in the third position to allow all power to the stun function.

It is not the strongest flashlight, but is not weak, either.

I feel it is a nice function to have.

Easy to Switch Between Positions

The thumb switch has quality action to it and moves easily between each position and clicks into a stable setting at each one.

Clicking from light to stun position and then pressing the trigger switch is smooth and easy.

Carrying Case Not the Best Quality

The case it comes with is not high-quality, and I have already torn loose the belt loop.

This is not a serious issue, because five to fifteen minutes with a needle and thread can improve the strength of your’s and mine has been fixed already and is stronger than ever.

See the VIPERTEK VTS-989 in Action

Have You Tested it on Yourself?

If you are wondering, no, I have not tested it on myself, and I am not going to, either.

We all know these devices work, and just seeing it operate when I push the button, shows me the intense power this one provides.

This would definitely cause an issue with the attacker.

Just the sound it makes when engaged is compelling to avoid.

If it were in someone else’s hand, I would move away fast.

This is a quality product that my wife and I are happy to have in our defensive toolbox and at the ready!


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