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Water Freedom System Review

Lets talk about doing a water freedom system review for a minute.

What’s the one item that takes up the most space in your emergency stockpile right now?

What’s one thing that you stock away as much as you can and still worry you won’t have enough?

It’s water, isn’t it?

When SHTF, you want to know that your family will still have clean and safe water to drink.

But storing and paying for all that water can be expensive.

That’s where the Water Freedom System comes into play.

As a survivalist myself, I’m skeptical of almost everything I read online that pertains to my wheelhouse (survivalism, “prepping”, etc.).

Because of this, I looked into this product thoroughly, and this is my honest review of the Water Freedom System.

What is the Water Freedom System?

Water Freedom System Review eBook cover


The Water Freedom System is a water generator that allows you to get as much water as you need directly out of the air, and that water is clean and safe for your family to drink.

With this system, you’re actually building your own water generator.

It walks you through the entire process and helps you set up the generator directly in your basement or bunker.

That way, you have as much water as you need for any situation, whether it’s a water shortage or a global apocalypse where clean water is unavailable.

What you get here is a guidebook that helps you create the system you need to extract water out of the air through humidity.

In fact, they say that you can get up to 60 gallons of clean and safe water from the generator.

That’s a lot of water that you don’t have to buy and store in case of an emergency.

At least, if it’s able to do everything that it says it will. We’re going to take a look at whether or not it really seems to deliver on the promises that are made and what you might be able to do with this system.

Who is This System For?

For one thing, this type of system is excellent for those who live in areas of drought.

In places where there’s a water shortage for any reason, especially given the recent coronavirus outbreak where people are buying up food and water like crazy, being able to pull your own water out of the humidity in the air is a fantastic feat.

It’s an amazing way to improve conditions for millions of people around the world and to make sure that no one ever goes without the water that they need to survive.

You can use this water for anything you want, from drinking and bathing to even planting gardens and crops.

This system is also great for those of us concerned about a global disaster.

With all of the things that are happening in our world, it makes sense to be prepared for anything and everything.

As someone like me who likes to be prepared for anything, you know the biggest problem is potentially running out of water when SHTF.

If you have a generator that can pull water that’s safe for your family directly out of the air, you don’t have to worry about running out of water.

Not only that, but you’ll know how to make more of them, which means even when one generator gets old or worn out, you can create another and another until there’s another source available.

What I Like about the Water Freedom System

Here are a few of the things I like about the Water Freedom System:

Presented in an eBook Form

The eBook means that you’ll be able to read this book anywhere you go and anytime that you want.

You can also print out sections if you need them and store them in your bunker, so you have them anytime.

This process makes it easier to refer back to the guide while you’re building your first generator as well.

Easy to Follow Steps

The book itself is very easy to read and incredibly simple to follow.

I like how the creator, Chris Burns, really made this guide accessible to anyone regardless of whether or not they have experience building things.

It’s not written in complicated jargon so that anyone can use the system to protect themselves and their family in case of a disaster.

Offers Advice on Creating Clean Water

Two Glasses Of Water In Kitchen, With Tap Water And Two Bottles

It’s not just about getting clean water out of the air.

This guide also talks you through the process of converting dirty water into fresh water.

That allows you to make the most of your generator and get even more water from your surroundings.

Removes Chemicals

One reason you buy water in cases is that you want it to be safe for your family.

This system shows you how to get rid of the harmful chemicals and other particles that can be in your water otherwise.

More Survival Advice

You’ll learn more than just how to create water in this guide.

There are other guides offered by the creator that talk about creating a greenhouse, negotiating during an emergency, defending yourself, and more.

You’ll be able to learn a number of different survival skills that you can use in the event of an emergency, whether it’s small or global.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you go through this guide and don’t like it for any reason, there’s a money-back guarantee (which I tested and does work).

You can file a complaint or refund request with the company, and they’ll get you your money back.

It’s as simple as that. And you’ll have a total of 60 days to make your request, which is plenty of time for you to read through it and try it out before you decide.

What I Don’t Like about the System

The only thing I don’t really like about the Water Freedom System is that the ONLY way you can get this book and the accompanying guidebooks is in digital form – no physical books are available yet.

Because of this, I recommend downloading and printing off the material to have for safekeeping in case a worldwide internet/power outage was to take place.

Verdict: Is the Water Freedom System Legit?

Water Freedom System Review eBook cover


Overall, this system is great and taught me a lot about the importance of living self-sustained through generating your own water.

Whether you’re in the middle of a drought or a global situation like the coronavirus outbreak, you can use the generator you build to get as much water as your family needs.

Even though it’s only available as an eBook, you’ll have the ability to read through the water freedom system review now and then take notes or print out the most essential parts so you’ll always have them when you need them.

All you have to do is order your copy of the Water Freedom System and get started on building your first water generator.

I for one am thankful I stumbled across this system and I look forward to utilizing it to continue to keep my family safe in case SHTF.

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  1. If anything happens we lose our internet & this can’t be used. It doesn’t say how many pages we have to print. If ever a print copy will be available, I would love to buy it.


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