What Does a Bow Stabilizer Do?

What Does a Bow Stabilizer Do?

Any experienced bow fanatic knows the importance of the bow stabilizer. This is an accessory you can easily adjust to recurve your bow and make it easier for you to find your target.

You’ve likely caught yourself trembling when placing the arrow in the bow. If you had used a bow stabilizer, your draw would be much more effortless. Bow stabilizers are widely available these days and you can even order them online. Every recurve bow has its own bow stabilizer that is lightweight and helps you to reduce turbulence when aiming.

What Does a Bow Stabilizer do?

Firstly, they reduce the vibrations of the arrow when the archer releases it. This happens by the process of inertia, or kinetic energy surrounding the tensity of the bow.

Stabilizers catch the bow’s vibrations and ensure the accuracy of a shot. That is why most professional archers shoot their arrows with the support of this helpful device.

Vibrations Are Finally Over

Most modern recurve bows give extra speed to the arrows, at times reaching the acceleration of gravity. In other words, the arrow has a tremendous speed when it leaves the bow—however, there is no guarantee that all of the force from the cord of the bow will transfer to the arrow.

The remaining energy becomes vibrations and heat that is diverted to the environment and causes the arrow to go its own way with no driving force behind it. Not to mention, some vibrations may also reach the hands and arms of the archer, likely giving them some nasty muscular complications.

Some archers suffer from inflammation and arthritis in their elbow ligaments and joints. This likely occurred without bow stabilizers in place.

One can also install shock absorbers, applied to the stabilizer to further reduce the impact an archer feels when the arrow leaves the bow.

Greater Aiming Than Ever Before

People who have tried the bow stabilizer for the first time claim improved aiming abilities in a matter of days. The stabilizer uses the inertia principle to either help the arrow move or stand still. Since inertia is connected directly to the mass of the arrow, the stabilizer increases that mass, making shots more accurate.

Professional archers can calibrate this weight balance until they find the optimal solution. Too much inertia may cause lots of fatigue. However, less inertia will cause vibration and turbulence issues for the shot arrow that will eventually miss the target.

Modern stabilizers are coming with weight adjustors, catering more to professional archers. They are powerful mechanisms that can offer you a unique aiming experience without the need to spend a fortune.


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