What Makes a Good Recurve Bow?

What Makes a Good Recurve Bow?

People that are interested in archery have to take seriously the discussion about what makes for the best recurve bow. All of us who have sometimes struggled for survival should have an idea about how recurve bows work and why they are useful in the wilderness.

From the medieval era, the recurve bow has been the ultimate offensive weapon for distance battles. Archers were using it with great efficiency and were the worst threat for any army. However, this happened before the invention of rifles that really took away all the glory from the recurve bow.

Despite this, recurve bows today are used in survival kits and have some features that can help you become the best hunter when you really need to. This review is about the factors that make for the best recurve bow.

Characteristics of the Best Recurve Bow

Here are some characteristics to look at for the best recurve bow:

Can Accept Various Lengths of Arrows

This is important since you cannot always find the same length of arrows in the market. To go a little bit further than that, when you are about to fix your own arrows in the woods you have to ensure that your recurve bow will cooperate well with them.

So, you have to always opt for the recurve bow that can give you the maximum level of adaptation to the length and the size of the arrows you are about to throw to your target.

The Bow Must Be Lightweight and Durable

As you may understand, you will generally carry the recurve bow on your back. That means you should always be comfortable to do that. The only way you may achieve that is to have a lightweight recurve bow.

Not to mention, that same bow needs to be durable for weather conditions. Most of the time you are going to be in nature, so the recurve bow needs to be adaptable to moisture and heat conditions and retain its structure under any circumstances.

Make Sure Your Bow Can Adjust Other Useful Accessories

Sometimes you may need to have your clock with you to measure time. Or even your arrow sharpener that has to be there any time you need to fix your arrows. The recurve bow needs to be capable of accommodating such accessories that are important for your survival in the wilderness.

Get the Bow with the Right Level of Elasticity

The recurve bow is curved as its name implies, and it has to be flexible enough to bend slightly each time you shoot it. There are a lot of recurve bows that are made from certain wood types that are not as flexible as they should be.

You should always prefer to buy recurve bows that show a generous level of flexibility to the point that you don’t have the impression it is going to crack from the extra power exerted to the arrow.

Always get the recurve bow that has the right look for you and don’t underestimate the power of special pictures and designs on it. They can help you feel a lot better when you are alone in nature and looking for shelter.


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