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What to Get a Prepper for Christmas

Being a prepper at Christmas is different than normal people. We all have to make preparations so that we know what kind of presents we are going to offer to our beloved ones. However, this is one of the most difficult times of the year as the winter is coming directly upon us.

The prepper for this Christmas has to plan wisely so that they don’t have any further surprises. Most people are trying to reinforce their houses and replenish their food stock in case of a severe storm or blizzard.

Let’s take a closer look at the items your Christmas prepper should always have:

Must-Haves for a Christmas Prepper

Since there is a lot of cold weather and snow this time of the year let’s start with what would be necessary to have in stock:

Emergency Food Supply

This could be either MREs or simply a mixture of high-calorie bars that can give you up to 3,600 calories per day. In case of a sudden loss in electricity, this emergency food supply can give you and your family the daily calories you need to survive. Plus, most of them are really good and tasty to have all the time and enjoy.

Get Some Mini Flashlights

It’s an awesome present for children and adults that like to hike outside when it’s Christmas. When it’s dark and you have no other source of light thigs can become really strange and dangerous. Make sure you always have this prepper flashlight with you that can give you extra security and comfort any time you are using it.

Car Emergency Kit

We are all visiting family and friends during Christmas. What if your car suddenly breaks down in the middle of nowhere and there is a nasty snowstorm outside? The car emergency kit can give you a solid solution since it has all the necessary things you need to have to deal with the situation until help comes.

Thermal Blankets

This is the number one prepper for Christmas since you really want to have them should you remain outside in the wilderness for some reason. Covering up with a thermal blanket will balance your temperature to such a point that you will feel cozy to stay outside, even in the harshest weather conditions.

Just remember to stay in your underwear, leaving your body heat to reflect to the thermal blanket wall and create acceptable conditions for you to spend the night in.

Survival Hatchet

This is the number one gift for all people that live in the wilderness during Christmas. It looks like a small ax that has another side that can easily shovel the ground. With this gift, you are going to be ready to deal with any possible situation when you are in nature.

Christmas preppers are great at getting ready and give you the assurance that you will be safe with family during these holidays. Make sure you are always doing the perfect prepping for your special needs.

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