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What to Put in a Bug Out Bag

When you are going to visit the wilderness there is no chance you are not going to have a bug out bag with you. Formerly known as military bags, these items have flooded the market since they give you a great amount of storage room to get all the essentials.

There is no need to justify to others why you are selecting special items to include in your bug out bag instead of others. This is a really personal situation where only you can identify the exact items you need to take with you.

First, you need to have a quality bug out bag that can withstand pressure as well as extreme temperature conditions. Then, take a closer look at the special fabrics that are taking part in your bag creation. Waterproof protection has been the market standard for this kind of bag, preferred by tourists and soldiers worldwide.

What Can You Put in Your Bug Out Bag?

Always have in mind that there is not endless room even in this type of expandable bag. Many compartments are there to keep your items well organized. However, you have to be sure about the special items you want to include in your bug out bag:

Stainless Steel Water Bottle and Purification Pills

This is the number one item you need to keep with you since nobody can live for more than a few hours without water. Stainless steel bottles are easily strapped on the side of the bug out bag and can give you extra protection against rust and corrosion.

Not to mention, in case you are in the middle of nowhere and have no time to find freshwater, you are certainly going to need water purification pills. Use two of them and you can have up to 4 gallons of water purified in a matter of minutes.

Food Bars to Give You Lots of Calories

This is a prerequisite to stock inside your bug out bag. When you are going for an excursion there is no point in eating regular food. In case of emergency, it would be nice if you had some protein bars with you to keep you well-nourished and cut your appetite.

Freeze-Dried Meals and Utensils

When you are planning to leave civilization for multiple weeks it would be better if you had some real food in your bug out bag. That means that freeze-dried food is the best choice for you since it takes less room inside your bag and can be prepared with hot water in a matter of minutes.

Utensils are always useful, and you can opt for those that are foldable so that they fit better in your bug out bag.

Clothing and Sewing Kit

Clothing is equally as important as food and water. You better take some warm underwear and clean cotton socks that cannot absorb a lot of water. The sewing kit is going to be lifesaving in case you need to repair a garment that has been damaged due to the harsh conditions.

Picking up the things you are supposed to take with you in your bug out bag, you have to keep in mind that the final weight must be bearable.

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